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What Owners Of The HomeGrown Restaurant Group Says About Their Relationship

As diamonds are formed out of intense heat and pressure, the faces behind some of the most recognizable businesses in Alexandria have found a way to navigate the challenges of working together while keeping their love alive. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the owners of The HomeGrown Restaurant Group share their secrets to maintaining both a successful business and happy relationship.
Donna and “Mango” Mike Anderson, married for 32 years, together own six restaurants across the city
As per the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Donna: “We’ve been married 32 years and working together off and on for a couple of decades. I got involved working part-time when we needed people then got more involved in the restaurants in Del Ray. Then we built Sweet Fire Donna’s seven years ago and the rest is history. Two of our three daughters work with us. The oldest is our director of operations and our middle daughter is director of marketing and advertising. It’s been joyful to have the family working together.”

“Mango” Mike: “Donna runs Sweet Fire Donna’s – I am not involved at all beyond taking care of the maintenance. I found that we work best if we don’t work exclusively together. Having your whole family involved in your business 95 percent of the time is terrific. Five percent of the time you have some issues but it’s pretty satisfying when you have your whole team working together. The best part is that no one has a hidden agenda. When you have other people working for you they sometimes have a hidden agenda but when the family is involved, everybody is concerned about making it successful, taking care of the customers, and making sure we are one of the best operations in town. That’s the best part of having family involved in the operation."

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